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Discover The Fountain Of Youth~

Discover The Fountain Of Youth~

What’s Autophagy?

Simply put, autophagy is your body’s ability to clean itself of wastes and toxins and recycle old, damaged cell parts. The cleaner you are on the inside and the better functioning your cells are, the higher your energy levels will be, and the less likely that you will suffer from disease and/or age before your time!

While your body is designed by Nature to carry out the autophagy process, many of our common bad habits can counteract this crucial process and make it far more likely that you’ll live your life feeling old and sick. 

Here are some very effective ways to help make sure you’re squeaky clean on the inside, free of disease and looking as young as you possibly can!

Diet is step one:

Getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet is a must.  These foods not only nourish you and help trim your waistline, but they also contain water and nutrients that help sweep away cell wastes so your body can better eliminate them.

At the same time, don’t overdo it on the protein, especially meat.  Too much protein has been shown to slow down and inhibit autophagy.

A healthy, reasonable serving size of meat is four ounces—NOT a 12 oz. porterhouse or half a chicken.

And get healthy sources of fats, as they keep your cell membranes flexible so wastes can be pulled out.  Good choices are real butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lard, nuts, and avocado.

Have good digestion:

Digestion is crucial to enabling your body to properly clean itself.  If your digestion typically doesn’t go along so well, you are most assuredly retaining wastes in your intestinal tract, which can in turn be absorbed into circulation (a process called autointoxication).

If you find yourself frequently having gas, bloating or constipation, chances are good you may be dealing with imbalanced intestinal flora.  A multi-strain probiotic formula like Super Shield can make a huge difference by repopulating your gut with the helpful, friendly microbes it needs.

And if heartburn, burping or belching are your regular companions, you may get relief from supplementation with a digestive enzyme formula like Digestizol Max.

Lastly, try to avoid having animal proteins and starches in the same meal, as this combination can be very taxing to your system and stress your digestion.

Work up a sweat:

For those of you who “Ewww, don’t like to sweat” it’s time to get over that now. Sweating out toxins through regular exercise is one of the primary ways your body carries out autophagy.

There is nothing gross about exercising and sweating—what IS gross is how dirty and toxic you are on the inside if you DON’T ever work up a sweat.

Get your doctor’s approval and work up a sweat at least 3-4 days a week at a minimum.  


 Article by: Sherry Brescia

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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