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The skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on your face. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes even thinner due to a breakdown of collagen, sun, smoking, and other environmental exposures. This delicate skin is constantly moving. Facial movements and expressions such as blinking, smiling, squinting, and stress can also affect your eye area. These functions help create the fine lines that appear on the outside corner of your eyes.

Under-eye puffiness can be intensified by salty foods, allergies and dehydration. Rubbing and tugging of the delicate skin under your eyes due to allergies, eye makeup removal and even crying can also contribute to sagging of your eye tissue. Insertion and removal of contact lenses also causes a breakdown of elasticity in this fragile area.

So, how do we control the damage?

Wear sunglasses!

Relax the eyes and forehead with light massage

Perform eye exercises and use eye créme

Watch you diet

Control any allergies

Do everything you can to reduce your overall stress level

Be very gentle when applying contact lenses

Eye Bright Anti Puffiness Créme is formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging around the eyes. This super-cooling and smoothing peptide-packed créme (or gel) helps revitalize the delicate under-eye area. A unique blend of sea lettuce extract, locust bean and evening primrose extract instantly makes the under-eye area feel tighter and look firmer, while diminishing the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness.

Eye Bright's key ingredient is Eyeliss™, which contains Hesperidin Methyl ChalconeDipeptide-2 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3. This formulation helps reduce under-eye bags by decreasing capillary absorbency. It also stimulates lymphatic circulation (helping to eliminate built-up toxins) and improves firmness and elasticity. This specialty créme is formulated for all skin types.

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Amino-Lift ™ Peptide Serum

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